Yet another reason not to drive

As if there weren't enough already, including skyrocketing gas prices and pollution, now we can add "might get shot" to the list.See this latest incident in San Francisco. It's getting *scary* out there.

Advertisements at Lug Radio Live USA

I’m happy to announce that will be represented at its first event, Lug Radio Live, which will be held at the Metreon in San Francisco on April 12th and 13th. It’s quite a challenge to get things going organizationally, and this looks to be a pretty rewarding experience. We will have a table at the [...]

New Improved Position Paper

A long time ago, I wrote a paper encouraging people to support AB 1668 and posted it on the wiki. I have finally updated the paper to reflect the new focus of Read the new improved paper. Also, as we slowly make our way through the incorporation process, one of the things we have to do [...]