Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30

@sjvn is it time to make german jokes yet? 'you vill haf no desktop icons und you vill like it!' ja wohl! noch ein bier, bitte. # @sogrady one of these days, when a bunch of people come into town again, I'm going to take y'all to city beer and blow everyone's minds # got… Continue reading Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30


Twitter Updates for 2008-05-26

today's russian river brewery special is supplication - tangy lambic-style with a hint of cherries. they've really outdone themselves # I've waited ages for an american brewery to do true belgian-style lambics and gueuzes # oh - regarding russian river's supplication, while cherries are definitely present, it's not kriek-level cherries - just enough to tell… Continue reading Twitter Updates for 2008-05-26