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June 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-06-30

  • @puppetmasterd wtf… are you ok? I assume this is back in TN? #
  • rt @sdeelio : “nice response to the Anderson End of Theory post…
  • @DaveTaylor tottenham? I should have known😉 er… you do know it’s “spurs” right? they make fun of ‘murkans who say “hotspurs” #
  • @jzb that’s when I use it, especially the latter. #
  • @SaraD the beatings will continue until morale improves😉 #
  • dear alma mater, please look elsewhere for your cash cow. #
  • @jrep LOL… guilty as charged🙂 #
  • twitter is like that lovable family member who never quite gets it together, but you just can’t stop rooting for him/her to succeed. #
  • @puppetmasterd is everyone ok? your wife? your imminent child? #
  • @whiprush why is lugradio ending? saw the forum announcement, but there was no mention of *why” #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-28

  • just saw infernal affairs today – brilliantly done. I thought ending was 10x better than Scorcese’s “departed” #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-27

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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-26

  • 5 myths about the wiretapping law: #
  • @monkchips no no no, you’re trying to read the 2nd amendment in its entirety. Nobody does that anymore, you silly brit😉 #
  • @SaraD what @puppetmasterd said😉 #
  • I’m digging a new mail client I found – mailody #
  • #euro2008 i’m really starting to like Spain. These are not your father’s underachievers #
  • @laullon congrats, man. you guys must be ecstatic. don’t you wish you were in espana right now? #
  • Gosh, I wonder why right-wingers aren’t sounding alarm bells about “activist judges” today #
  • @garethgreenaway tee hee – sorry! Ok, I put a moratorium on any further email clients ’til next month #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-25

  • Gnocchi! #cloudcamp #
  • The board is mobbed #cloudcamp #
  • Wow 15 minutes in and someone sings the praises of collabnet cubit #cloudcamp #
  • the joys of erlang at #cloudcamp #
  • Dev automation discussion #cloudcamp #
  • OH: Make ur devs do ops #cloudcamp #
  • Someone namedrops @botchagaloup #cloudcamp #
  • Using svn to save vm/cloud and app state #cloudcamp #
  • @irabinovitch I swear, I’m a man without a party #
  • @bgoldy dude, did you just fall off the wagon?😉 #
  • wow: “$8,359 to each Democrat who changed their position to support immunity for Telcos (94 Dems)” I shouldn’t be surprised… #
  • data from very fascinating, enlightening… and just a wee bit depressing. #
  • @webmink I wonder if the streets will be deserted for the remainder of the day? #
  • @whiprush I sheepishly raise my hand re: evolution – and I only do it for the exchange calendaring #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-24

  • cody’s books is dead😦 #
  • @geekygirldawn congrats to you and best of luck. I’m insanely jealous and hope to follow that path in the not-too-distant future #
  • rt @beersage “Lost Abbey Isabelle Proximus release will be this Saturday
  • Lost Abbey is one of the premiere American breweries: but it’s not quite russian river🙂 #
  • @fusion94 oh hey, just saw this – no, he didn’t. he never bothered to apply. dunno why. #
  • @jzb every try sup? It’s a nice gmail-like console mail app: #
  • @jzb @lisah if you have rubygems installed just do “gem install sup” #
  • Chris Anderson just annoys me – #
  • @cdibona planning on that being Jackie’s first in-a-theatre movie – let me know if there’s something a 4yo really shouldn’t see #
  • off to cloudcamp #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-23

  • @lisah hmm… seems that I struck a chord there😉 #
  • @irabinovitch but didn’t a similar version of that bill already pass the senate a couple of months ago? Ugh, I’m not optimistic #
  • @quasi42 yup yup – Italy in any final makes for a crap final. that we can agree on🙂 #
  • ah shit…. RIP, ‘Buddy Christ’ #
  • hm… notice anyone missing from this list? a prominent person, you might say? #
  • /me slaps forehead. Obviously, I meant Cardinal Glick, who created buddy christ #
  • @irabinovitch ok, so if I remember high school civics, that means we now go to a bicameral committee to resolve any differences #
  • @puppetmasterd how long are you in town? #
  • @littleidea I want a puppet t-shirt! but I’m not at #velocity08 #
  • @puppetmasterd you sound slightly busy🙂 Let’s work in a beer on Thursday or something. #
  • I’m really annoyed by my dinosaur alma mater always shaking me down for cash #
  • @littleidea be sure and let us know how Javier does. bummed that I have to miss it. #
  • retweet @rabinovitch : Reminder: Call your Senator about Telcom Immunity today. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-22

  • W00t italy is out! viva espana! #euro2008 #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-21

  • dear tweeps – do you ask others for linkedin recs? I feel that if someone wanted to rec me, then they’d just do it. #
  • Saw ‘Dinner Rush’ for the umpteenth time on IFC – Danny Aiello rules! #
  • @whiprush huh? I thought cheese cake was that crappy stuff that chicogoans try to pass off as “pizza” #

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