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July 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-31

  • @einfeldt hey wanna give a talk on video processing at next week’s ubuntu community day? #
  • rt @Roebot “iphone is complete crap” I knew there was a reason I liked you 😉 #
  • @Roebot too bad you won’t be at LWCE next week – I could use a good tutorial / demo of Deki on Ubuntu #
  • @tdondich tell you what, why don’t you do something on monitoring on Ubuntu? But it has to be OSS #
  • @puppetmasterd you coming to lwce next week? #
  • @jrep any open source desktop SVN integrations worth demoing on Ubuntu next week? #
  • @roebot i’m dsure zendcon is great but i’m doing a community day at linuxworld. I’ll reserve a slot for you. #
  • @laurencooney I just had an idea. a spectacularly devious idea #
  • @puppetmasterd how about a Puppet on Ubuntu talk on Thursday? #
  • @tdondich sure, that would be great #
  • @tdondich Thursday, August 7 – take your pick: 1, 2, 3 or 4 pm #
  • @yasumoto why yes I am 🙂 what can I do for you? #
  • @linuxfoundation would any of you guys like to talk about Ubuntu next Thursday? Or desktop Linux in general? #
  • @tdondich grumble… ok #
  • @edenhensley yes, that would be great – as long as we’re talking about an OSS solution. gstreamer? #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-30

  • If you’re interested in presenting at a Ubuntu community event next week, let me know #
  • @Roebot will you guys be at LinuxWorld? #
  • @tdondich LOL… Maybe next year? 🙂 #
  • @rossturk @sourceforge LOL… I finally deleted my cache and cookies so I could see the new home. I must be one of the last people 🙂 #
  • CollabNet released SourceForge 5 today: #
  • @Roebot heh… what was the name of the apple os they were working on for years and then abandoned after buying next? Copeland? #
  • holy crap… 1,100 people are registered for the Ubuntu community day at LinuxWorld #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-29

  • ugh… brain fog. I hate colds / sinus infections #
  • dear earthlink, next time you plan an outage, you wanna maybe let me know ahead of time? #
  • cannot recall the last radiohead I listened to that wasn’t In Rainbows #
  • @smaffulli when? #
  • @storming you’re not talking to yourself, you just have an invisible bluetooth earpiece 😉 #
  • @MelWebster @TheInfovore don’t get me wrong, I still love The Bends and OK Computer – just can’t remember when I last listened to them #
  • futebol!!!! #
  • @TheInfovore Unfortunately, neither does Sedaris – otherwise his books wouldn’t appear on the non-fiction lists #
  • In light of the quake, would it be flippant to point out that the Quakes play the Galaxy this Sunday? It does not bode well, Galaxy fans. #
  • @jclingan possibly? 😉 #
  • peeps are jumping on today’s quake news: #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-28

  • @bgoldy LOL… I aim to amuse 😉 #
  • @laurencooney doh… sorry to hear that 😦 parking garages… FTL. #
  • I find it hilarious that Real Salt Lake has a record of 6-6-6 🙂 #
  • @netdiva forget the bowl – how about your knee??? #
  • today’s word: PAIN #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-27

  • back from BK kite fest. if you’re in the bay area go tomorrow and go early! #
  • @bryce we made the same mistake #
  • @glynnfoster I don’t know much about rugby, but I dig whenever I can watch those two. I take it this match was not epic? #
  • @bgoldy you just made me google ‘tenesmus’ – ewwww #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-26

  • @jrep I find MSFT’s OSP announcement more material than their ASF announcement today #
  • @fusion94 wow have fun in barca #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-25

  • Tonight at #OSCON – “hacking the legislature” BoF at 7pm #
  • strip club + booze ftw #oscon #
  • @sarad dude, I hardly saw you. until next time. #
  • @Roebot dine and dash with roebot FTFW! #
  • @laurencooney yeah, it’s been difficult to keep that one under wraps 🙂 #
  • @sogrady really look forward to that #
  • @Roebot tee hee 😉 #
  • @sogrady stupid question: what’s a “CLEAR” airport? #
  • arrived back from OSCON. good to see @cdibona @storming @sarad @glynnfoster @laurencooney @irabinovitch @garethgreenaway @fuzzychef and more #
  • @sogrady niiiiice. if you fly alot, it’s not even that expensive #
  • @Roebot does that make @sogrady “the man”??? #
  • @mherrick66 I hear you 🙂 I’m all for using deki in place of broken moin #
  • more breweries getting into the twitter act: @bridgeportbrew #
  • @merrick66 let’s do some scheming on that #
  • – bizarre plant mutation – see silk strands and popcorn kernels on end of pollen stalk #
  • @mherrick66 as you know, I prefer to be paid in beer 😉 #
  • @jrep @mherrick66 now that is good news! #
  • @jeckman LOL… classic #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-24

  • @fusion94 actually… I was referring to the non-collab subversion people 🙂 #
  • @Roebot hoo ah! on my way #
  • celebrity orphans ftw #
  • jesus h. christ, sun, could you be any more high school? left your party after 5 minutes. #oscon #
  • @glynnfoster ah, that was the problem. I didn’t understand the premise 🙂 #
  • best spam subject of the day: “Red Sox Fans Rampage in Times Square” #
  • @brianaker I guess that makes me your opening act 🙂 #
  • t-23 minutes until panel discussion: #
  • OH: I can barely please one woman, why would I want more? #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-23

  • I’m hungry. Any tweeps up for some PDX chow? #oscon #
  • @garethgreenaway dude, where’s fsf pizza? #
  • Ok it’s decided : off to old town pizza #
  • @Roebot doing some work. I’ll catch up later. whree are you guys going to be? #
  • w00t going to rontoms at 600 e burnside. Pheeeeeeaaaaarrrrrr!!!! #oscon #
  • @sarad dude, all the cool kids are going to rontoms at 600 e burnside 🙂 #
  • @factoryjoe we haven’t met, but I want to talk to you about #
  • sitting in on “subversion worst practices” #oscon08 #
  • @littleidea LOL… #10 worst svn practice: let’s debate version control systems ad nauseum 🙂 #
  • “ignore the docs” #oscon08 #
  • “edit the SVN-specific files directly” & “use a repository over a networked drive” #
  • “put lots of binary data, ie. tarballs, in your svn repository” #
  • @jowyang ask zuckerberg if he intends to create an open source program office #
  • All the SVN guys are just really nice people – just sayin’ 🙂 #

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