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September 2008

@uid0 I keed I keed :)

@uid0 I keed I keed🙂

@uid0 who uses their real cont…

@uid0 who uses their real contact info for whois?😉

@davidcthomas no idea who you …

@davidcthomas no idea who you are, but you’re following all the cool kids, so…🙂

@excowboy hey – are you going …

@excowboy hey – are you going to subconf? it’s a bit of a trek for you – Hamburg -> Munchen

OH: we bury sick chickens to f…

OH: we bury sick chickens to fertilize crops. we should treat our sick financial institutions the same way

OH: well, I am kind of like ch…

OH: well, I am kind of like christ

@claynewton federal reserve op…

@claynewton federal reserve operates outside the purview of the exec. branch. fed res is not a central bank per se but a govt-private hybrid

see 1999 nyt article – http://…

see 1999 nyt article – “If they fail, the government will have to step up and bail them out..” – Wallison, AEI

today is 9yr anniversary of th…

today is 9yr anniversary of the NYT headline “Fannie Mae Eases Credit To Aid Mortgage Lending” – wonder if there will be a party?

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