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October 2008

I’ve voted for Obama in TwitVo…

I’ve voted for Obama in TwitVote —

@jdickerson I have really appr…

@jdickerson I have really appreciated your updates throughout the campaign. your fiercely unbiased tone is welcome.

@uid0 did not need that imager…

@uid0 did not need that imagery😉

@rodmur indeed :)

@rodmur indeed🙂

retweet @michaelkdolan “Oh wow…

retweet @michaelkdolan “Oh wow; Sun’s new open source strategy

…missing all the halloween f…

…missing all the halloween fun today with a crappy cold and cough😦

@uid0 good for you! well, assu…

@uid0 good for you! well, assuming you don’t fuck up in your new role😉

Nate from 538 is on forum on k…

Nate from 538 is on forum on

attempting to take daughter to…

attempting to take daughter to pre-school… who’s hiding out in the bathroom

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