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December 2008

enjoying my Jever pilsener. be…

enjoying my Jever pilsener. best german pils I’ve had – *almost* czech quality

@wholefoods thanks for the res…

@wholefoods thanks for the response. I was disappointed because last year both stores in my area did well with belgian beers

@sean2834 awesome – thanks

@sean2834 awesome – thanks

step 1 take beer from freezer …

step 1 take beer from freezer while still liquid step 2 pour in glass and recall mr d’s high school chem lessons on pressure & phase change

@sean2834 lol… smartass :)

@sean2834 lol… smartass🙂

is this normal for a 4 year ol…

is this normal for a 4 year old?

@sean2834 yeah, fresh out of b…

@sean2834 yeah, fresh out of bud – and miller and coors!🙂 directions were fine

@silona saturday would be grea…

@silona saturday would be great – let’s do that

draegers comes through – roden…

draegers comes through – rodenbach flemish ale, meantime ipa, malheur dark brut and deus brut des flandres

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