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April 2009

@jowyang the beauty is that I …

@jowyang the beauty is that I can choose to listen to exactly none of them.

ManU shows how to use flanks t…

ManU shows how to use flanks to create space. are u watching, arsenal? #uefacl

2nd half starts. arsenal still…

2nd half starts. arsenal still reluctant to use flanks. #uefacl

@mjasay unimpressed so far. ca…

@mjasay unimpressed so far. can imagine you would agree

Dear arsenal, you may want to …

Dear arsenal, you may want to try something other than cramming it down the middle of ManU’s defense. just sayin’ #uefacl

Come on you gunners

Come on you gunners

writing about “the zen of onli…

writing about “the zen of online community development”

@chrismessina wow, what a maro…

@chrismessina wow, what a maroon. this should be fun

@SamLawrence as soon as we’re …

@SamLawrence as soon as we’re ready to pay $100 – $200 more per flight? inflation-adjusted prices have gone down for several years.

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