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July 2009

@pdhanda probably not :( don’…

@pdhanda probably not😦 don’t think I can make it to the city tonight.

RT @DevilsCanyon “Getting Read…

RT @DevilsCanyon “Getting Ready for Beer Friday!” [ed. hopefully I’ll be there]

Earthquakes skin for firefox: …

Earthquakes skin for firefox:

is your local govt. on twitter…

is your local govt. on twitter? welcome @CityofSanCarlos

My latest article on…

My latest article on – The Value Proposition of Open Source:

@pdhanda I’m down with that!

@pdhanda I’m down with that!

Charlie Papazian weighs in on …

Charlie Papazian weighs in on the beer summit brouhaha: note: Sam Adams is now the largest American brewery

@fusion94 why must it be an ei…

@fusion94 why must it be an either-or proposition?

august is shower optional mont…

august is shower optional month. oh wait, that’s every month.

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