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September 2009

From OStatic: Can You Boycott a Boycott?

From the things-that-should-never-happen-but-you-knew-they-would-eventually department, comes more flamage in the Mono advocates vs. anti-Mono advocates vs. the now anti-anti-Mono advocates. I never like it when columnists or reporters treat all bad ideas equally, so I’ll just come out and say it – the anti-Mono crowd is comprised of a bunch of corn-fed idiots with more than a passing resemblance to the recent tea bagger protesters. However, I’m not sure that the correct response to that is to ratchet up the flame wars.- Read the rest at

Blogging at OStatic

I’m pleased to have started blogging on – I’ll link those stories here, so you can see them either way. Here’s my initial blog post, “Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

@therossle WTF?

@therossle WTF?

@toxic sauce? you need sauce? …

@toxic sauce? you need sauce? what, the runoff liquer isn’t good enough fer ya🙂

exercising my fair use rights …

exercising my fair use rights by ripping a bunch of CD’s

@jrep what @hunleyd said – int…

@jrep what @hunleyd said – internet service is another story.

VMware might end up being Red …

VMware might end up being Red Hat’s biggest competitor –

@cdibona LOL! now that’s a kee…

@cdibona LOL! now that’s a keeper🙂

running Debian on Windows make…

running Debian on Windows makes me feel all tingly inside –

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