Twitter Updates for 2008-08-20

  • uh oh… dog is giving me the eye – it’s feeding and walking time! #
  • @lisah Ha Ok but whenever I give anyone wine, I’m also required to give a russian river brewing belgian-style ale. you have been warned 🙂 #
  • rt @CollabNet “Four new CUBiT videos are now up on the site: ” CUBiT is our automated build + test platform #
  • @geekygirldawn preach on, sister #
  • @jzb cool! would love to talk to you about it #
  • on yet another conference call #
  • wow, amazing what a full night’s sleep can do for you #
  • @mjasay ’tis true. but we were both running on fumes yesterday #
  • @jzb in my case, I’m almost 50% less homicidal after a full night’s sleep #sarcasm #
  • @fusion94 good to know. how was Barca? #
  • rt @irabinovitch “Does your Senator support S.223 ? Ask them to file their FEC data electronically like the House:
  • @billjohnston the RIAA is one problem we’re trying to solve with GeekPAC – #
  • @pandora_radio @billjohnston the issue of RIAA pressure requires good old-fashioned lobbying. support GeekPAC: #
  • retweet @guyma “Ok, social network just took a HUGE step backwards – get ready for HoffSpace ” me: AWESOME! #
  • @guyma one of the greatest things about WC 2006 was seeing all the “I ❤ Hoff” t-shirts. The Germans… didn’t quite get the humor #
  • Protesters missing in China and shot dead in Tibet: (thanks to @Roebot ) #
  • @garethgreenaway that link to FUSE for Windows doesn’t work – goes to digg’s 404 page #
  • @rossturk yes. no way you’re going to please everyone with a redesign #
  • @mjasay and how would I get in touch with Mr. James U. ? Would love to tell him about GeekPAC #
  • should I hook my wordpress blogs up to disqus? discuss… 🙂 #

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