Oracle, MySQL and the GPL: don’t take Monty’s word for it

In the continuing soap opera of Oracle’s battle against the European Commission for the right to acquire Sun, and with it, MySQL, we have had to rely on the bloggers and analysts to get it right, because the media surely has not. Before you read any further, stop right now and read Matthew Aslett’s excellent summary of Oracle-MySQL through last week, Pamela Jones’ excellent piece on the matter (and her later update), and Matt Asay’s highlighting of Monty Widenius’ conflict of interest in opposing the Sun acquisition.One of the more damaging consequences of this case is the opportunistic piling on against the GPL license. Every BSD Tom, Dick and Harry with an axe to grind about Richard Stallman, the GPL, and GNU has stepped up to the plate, on cue, to deliver unsubstantiated rants against the GPL. I suggest that readers follow the money and look into the reasons why each party takes the stance it does. Oracle’s bias and intent in all of this is pretty clear, but the opposition has not been so forthright.Read more below:

in reference to: Oracle, MySQL and the GPL: don’t take Monty’s word for it (view on Google Sidewiki)


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