GlusterFS 3.4.1 Packages for Ubuntu Saucy (13.10)

As a long-time Ubuntu user, I’ve worked to make sure that Debian and Ubuntu are first-class citizens in the Gluster Community. This is not without its challenges – most Gluster developers live in the Fedora/CentOS/RHEL hemisphere, and the GlusterFS version available in Ubuntu is a rather old 3.2.7, two major releases behind the latest and greatest, 3.4.1.

However, I’m happy to report that when the Saucy Salamander hit the download servers yesterday, we had DEBs readily available for downloading. This is completely due to our active community and one of our stars, not to mention community board member, Louis ‘semiosis’ Zuckerman. He had his packages uploaded on October 15, two days before the official Ubuntu 13.10 GA release.

Semiosis’ PPA is the official location for Gluster Community-supported packages of GlusterFS for Ubuntu. Give it a try, Ubuntu users. And as an added bonus, 13.10 also includes packages of OpenStack Havana – you know what that means.


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