It’s a GlusterFest Testing Weekend

If you’ve been keeping up with our weekly meetings and the 3.5 planning page, then you know that tomorrow, December 6, is the first testing “day” for 3.5. But since this is a Friday, we’re going to make the party last all weekend, through mid-day Monday.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Take a look at the 3.5 testing page to see the test day instructions and a list of new features:
  • See instructions for setting up your test bed
  • Scroll down and find new features in 3.5 that interest you
  • Visit their individual pages and find the section entitled “How to Test” to see if there are specific instructions there
  • Report bugs at the links provided
  • If you wish to record comprehensive results of testing, feel free to post them on gluster-devel or on a wiki page that you create

We’re starting soon – at 9pm Pacific (Dec 5)/Midnight Eastern (Dec 6)/05:00 GMT (Dec 6) and continuing until Monday at 20:00 GMT/3pm Eastern/Noon Pacific.

Let’s get the GlusterFest party started right – and continue all weekend long.

I have bundles of Gluster Community swag (t-shirts, USB car chargers, stickers) for whoever finds bugs verified by the developer team.

Thanks, and happy hacking!


PS – the next testing event will be for the 3.5 beta and is scheduled for Dec. 17.

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