If you’ve been keeping up with our weekly meetings and the 3.5 planning page, then you know that tomorrow, December 6, is the first testing “day” for 3.5. But since this is a Friday, we’re going to make the party last all weekend, through mid-day Monday.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Take a look at the 3.5 testing page to see the test day instructions and a list of new features:
  • See instructions for setting up your test bed
  • Scroll down and find new features in 3.5 that interest you
  • Visit their individual pages and find the section entitled “How to Test” to see if there are specific instructions there
  • Report bugs at the links provided
  • If you wish to record comprehensive results of testing, feel free to post them on gluster-devel or on a wiki page that you create

We’re starting soon – at 9pm Pacific (Dec 5)/Midnight Eastern (Dec 6)/05:00 GMT (Dec 6) and continuing until Monday at 20:00 GMT/3pm Eastern/Noon Pacific.

Let’s get the GlusterFest party started right – and continue all weekend long.

I have bundles of Gluster Community swag (t-shirts, USB car chargers, stickers) for whoever finds bugs verified by the developer team.

Thanks, and happy hacking!


PS – the next testing event will be for the 3.5 beta and is scheduled for Dec. 17.