Citrix and Harvard FASRC Join Gluster Community; Board Expands

Citrix, Harvard University FASRC and long-time contributors join the Gluster Community Board to drive the direction of open software-defined storage

February 5, 2014 – The Gluster Community, the leading community for open software-defined storage, announced today two new organizations have signed letters of intent to join: Citrix, Inc. and Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Science Research Computing (FASRC) group. This marks the third major expansion of the Gluster Community in governance and projects since mid-2013. Monthly downloads of GlusterFS have tripled since the beginning of 2013, and traffic to has increased by over 50% over the previous year. There are now 45 projects on the Gluster Forge and more than 200 developers, with integrations either completed or in the works for Swift, CloudStack, OpenStack Cinder, Ganeti, Archipelago, Xen, QEMU/KVM, Ganesha, the Java platform, and SAMBA, with more to come in 2014.

Citrix and FASRC will be represented by Mark Hinkle, Senior Director of Open Source Solutions, and James Cuff, Assistant Dean for Research Computing, respectively, joining two individual contributors: Anond Avati, Lead GlusterFS Architect, and Theron Conrey, a contributing speaker, blogger and leading advocate for converged infrastructure. Rounding out the Gluster Community Board are Xavier Hernandez (DataLab); Marc Holmes (Hortonworks), Vin Sharma (Intel), Jim Zemlin (The Linux Foundation), Keisuke Takahashi (NTTPC), Lance Albertson (The Open Source Lab at Oregon State University), John Mark Walker (Red Hat), Louis Zuckerman, Joe Julian, and David Nalley.


Citrix has become a major innovator in the cloud and virtualization markets. They will drive ongoing efforts to integrate GlusterFS with CloudStack ( and the Xen hypervisor. Citrix is also sponsoring Gluster Community events, including a Gluster Cloud Night at their facility in Santa Clara, California on March 18.

Harvard FASRC

The research computing group at Harvard has one of the largest known deployments of GlusterFS in the world, pushing GlusterFS beyond previously established limits. Their involvement in testing and development has been invaluable for advancing the usability and stability of GlusterFS.

Anand Avati

Anand Avati was employee number 3 at Gluster, Inc. in 2007 and has been the most prolific contributor to the GlusterFS code base as well as its most significant architect over the years. He is primarily responsible for setting the roadmap for the GlusterFS project. Avati is employed by Red Hat but is an individual contributor for the board.

Theron Conrey

Theron became involved in the Gluster community when he started experimenting with the integration between oVirt ( and GlusterFS. Long a proponent of converged infrastructure, Theron bring years of expertise from his stints at VMware and Nexenta.

Supporting Quotes

John Mark Walker, Gluster Community Leader, Red Hat

The additions of Citrix and Harvard FASRC to the Gluster Community show that we continue to build momentum in the software-defined storage space. With the continuing integration with all cloud and big data technologies, including the Xen Hypervisor and CloudStack, we are building the default platform for modern data workloads.

Mark Hinkle, Senior Director, Open Source Solutions, Citrix

“We see an ever increasing hunger for storage solutions that have design points that mirror those in our open source and enterprise cloud computing efforts. Our goal is to enable many kinds of storage with varying levels of utility and we see GlusterFS as helping to pioneer new advances in this area. As an active participant in the open source community we want to make sure projects that we sponsor like Apache CloudStack and the Linux Foundation’s Xen Project are enabled to collaborate with such technologies to best serve our users.

James Cuff, Assistant Dean for Research Computing, Harvard University

As long term advocates of both open source, and open science initiatives at scale, Research Computing are particularly excited to participate on the Gluster Community Governing Board. We really look forward to further accelerating science and discovery through this important and vibrant community collaboration.”


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