Episode 8: A New Beginning

Some of you know that I recently left Red Hat. There are multiple reasons for this, mostly to do with a wonderful opportunity that came my way (more on that later). First, Red Hat. I learned more in my 4 years there than at any other time in my career. I went from being just… Continue reading Episode 8: A New Beginning


Survivor’s Guilt

Now that I've had two gastro tests with negative results, I feel safe in saying that I don't have any serious gastrointestinal diseases or cancer. I feel some combination of relief but also a tad of survivor's guilt. In addition to my brother, I've had other friends and family succumb to gastric and colon cancers… Continue reading Survivor’s Guilt

On Millennials and Special Snowflakes

I'm really sick and tired of all the boomer and gen X tsk tsk-ing those dreaded me-first millennials. All of these articles, which you've no doubt seen by now, follow a similar pattern: Start with a reference to "too much praise" and too much emphasis on self-esteem. Bonus points if the writer mentions "everyone gets… Continue reading On Millennials and Special Snowflakes

The Business of Open Source

As the Gluster Community Lead, I deal with quite a number of moving parts on a daily basis: mailing lists, web sites, groups of volunteers, workshop schedules, budgets and team members. As we go through our community restructuring (more detail on that Real Soon Now), it occurred to me that managing a large open source… Continue reading The Business of Open Source