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ManageIQ at OpenStack Summit

I’m pleased to announce that the ManageIQ project will have a big showing at the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here are the activities we have on tap:

  • Monday, May 18: Birds of a feather – an hour-long extravaganza where we will talk about the latest and greatest in the ManageIQ community
  • Wednesday, May 20: ManageIQ Community Day – this will be a day-long workshop starting with introductory talks in the morning, a hands-on lab in the afternoon, and finishing up the day with a nice mixer
  • Wednesday, May 20: Not to forget, John Hardy will have a session in the summit on the subject of OpenStack Infrastructure Management with ManageIQ

RSVP for the community day on our Eventbrite page.

Podcast – All About the Jellyfish Cloud Broker

I sat down with Chris Hample and Chris Kacerguis from Booz Allen Hamilton to discuss their newest release of the Jellyfish Cloud Broker, which is at version 2 as of this writing.

Survivor’s Guilt

John Goebel

Now that I’ve had two gastro tests with negative results, I feel safe in saying that I don’t have any serious gastrointestinal diseases or cancer. I feel some combination of relief but also a tad of survivor’s guilt. In addition to my brother, I’ve had other friends and family succumb to gastric and colon cancers over the years.

It all seems like such a crap shoot – some of us “win” the genetic lottery of cancer mutations, and some of us survive with decent health – for now, at least. It begs the question, why do some of us stay in good health where others have the incredible bad luck, through no fault of their own, of getting terminal illness. In these past few months since James was diagnosed with gastric cancer, I have often wondered what I have done to deserve my (thus far) decent state of health. The reality is that I’ve done nothing – I don’t regularly exercise and I don’t pay much attention to what or how much I eat. It all feels grossly unfair.

I’ll never forget when John Goebel told me he had been diagnosed with Colon cancer. It blew my mind. Here was this 38-year-old who was the epitome of good health: ate right, exercised, and looked great. He looked 10 years younger than his age. It seemed like such a cruel joke that he would be the one to leave behind his family while many of us with poor lifestyle habits have the luxury of seeing our children grow up.

Then again, I could be diagnosed tomorrow with some terminal illness or die in a horrible accident, rendering this post entirely moot. If the last 6 months have taught me anything, it’s that these things can change rather rapidly.

Community Depot is Live – and in BETA

We can now take the covers off of the ManageIQ Community Depot and show it to you live. Just understand it’s in beta and may (will) have some bugs. The Depot is where you can share, download and collaborate on extensions and other software built for ManageIQ.

If you want to contribute your code to the Depot, just follow the steps in the If you find any issues with the site, please report them on our GitHub tracker.

We will be adding a significant number of extensions and other software components that help to round out your ManageIQ deployments. Submit yours today – or collaborate on an existing project.


Here is the list of GEMs and their info that are included in the CLOUDFORMS 5.3.0 appliance. I thought it would be useful to post, I need this recently for some work I am doing. It was really easy as most things in CLOUDFORMS usually are I simply wrote some ruby to utilise an existing… Read Original Post

RESTapi – A teach yourself lab

Here is a lab I put together for a recent event, it was well received and I think it is very valuable to the ManageIQ and CloudForms user bases. In the lab you will GET and POST RESTapi actions. Its a basic look at some common use cases such as, Query a VM’s hardware inventory. Read the rest

How to Contribute to the ManageIQ Depot

The ManageIQ Depot will be where community members can collaborate, share and download extensions and other software developed for the ManageIQ hybrid cloud management platform. I made a quick video showing how to grab the latest depot code from GitHub, add your extension, and then test it locally before issuing a pull request to add it to the git repository.

ManageIQ Community Welcomes Navteca and Synnefo

It is our pleasure to announce that two new members have joined the ManageIQ Community: Synnefo and Navteca. Both of these partners attended the recent Design Summit, where they succombed to the enthusiasm and decided to join up with the rest of the community. This brings the total number of community members to 12: BBVA, Booz Allen Hamilton, Chef, Cirba, Cox Automotive, Cloudsoft,, ICE Systems, Red Hat, VMTurbo and now Navteca and Synnefo.

Navteca will help with marketing ManageIQ by proposing it to their clients and implementing it in current projects. They want to contribute on the development side starting with state machines and, eventually, with plug-ins and application code. Synnefo, a Forsythe Company, will promote best practices in hybrid cloud management, including standardized use cases, optimal deployment scenarios and reference architectures unburdened by IP claims or license encumberment.

The ManageIQ Community is all about member organizations coming together to create a large ecosystem for open hybrid cloud software. We’re very happy to have these two new companies on board – welcome! It is through your contributions that customers, partners, developers and service providers will be able to construct compelling solutions in the cloud.

The Extensions Depot Needs You – Call for Participation

We are happy to announce that we are moving forward with the ManageIQ Extensions Depot! The Extensions Depot is a place for the ManageIQ Community to share policies, dialogs, state machines and other items of interest to the greater community.

As we continue to work on the user interface for the Depot, we have begun pushing some of our extensions into the Depot’s GitHub repository. There, you’ll see instructions for how to format your extensions and how to generate a pull request to have it added to the repository.

This is an exciting project. As we move forward with the depot UI, we will share that soon and look for your feedback.

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