Happy New Year – GlusterFS 3.4.2 has hit store shelves!

As we ring in the new year, we also ring in a new release – GlusterFS 3.4.2, available at your local download server! This is a maintenance release, fixing a few bugs, which you can read in the release notes.

In addition to bug fixes, you’ll notice that we’re welcoming a new distribution to the Gluster Community: OpenSuSE and SLES. We hope our SuSE friends will try them and let us know how it goes. If you’re counting at home, that brings the number of supported platforms to *9* on the client and server (NetBSD packages aren’t on the download server, because its users get updated GlusterFS builds via pkgsrc).

The most notable bug fixes/changes:

  • Libgfapi support for Ganesha NFS integration
  • Updating extras/Ubuntu with latest upstart configs (BUG: 1047007)
  • gfapi.py: support dynamic loading of versioned libraries
  • cluster/dht: Ignore ENOENT errors for unlink of linkfiles
  • cli: Throw a warning during replace-brick
  • mgmt/glusterd: Fix a memory leak in glusterd_is_local_addr()
  • glusterd: submit RPC requests without holding big lock
  • protocol/client: handle network disconnect/reconnect properly
  • gfapi: use native STACK_WIND for read _async() calls
  • mgmt/glusterd: add option to specify a different base-port
  • Disable eager-locks on NetBSD for 3.4 branch
  • nfs/mount3: fix crash in subdir resolution

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