GlusterFest Weekend is Here – Jan 17 – 20

As I mentioned yesterday, the GlusterFest is nigh. This time, we’ll break out testing into two types:
  • Performance testing
  • Feature testing
To learn about the GlusterFest and what it is, visit the GlusterFest home at
Remember that if you file a bug that is verified by the Gluster QE team, you’ll win a t-shirt plus other swag.


We are lucky in that two individuals have stepped up with tools to help with performance testing. One is James Shubin with his Puppet-Gluster module:

Together with his blog posts on puppet-gluster + vagrant, you should have an easy way to deploy GlusterFS:
Automatically deploying GlusterFS with Vagrant and Puppet

Also, Ben England recently released some code for his Smallfile performance testing project, which targets metadata-intensive workloads:

He also wrote up a nice primer on performance testing on the wiki that discusses iozone, smallfile, and how to utilize performance testing in general:
Please follow the instructions on the GlusterFest page ( and report your results there. Some of the test results are quite large, so you will want to report test results on a separate page, either on the wiki or on the paste site of your choosing, such as
Please file any bugs and report them on the gluster-devel list, as well as providing links on the GlusterFest page.


In addition to performance, we have new features in 3.5 which needs some further testing. Please follow the instructions on the GlusterFest page and add your results there. Some of the developers were kind enough to include testing scenarios with their feature pages. If you want your feature to be tested but didn’t supply any testing information, please add that now.

The GlusterFest begins at 00:00 GMT/UTC (today, January 17) and ends at 23:59 GMT/UTC on Monday, January 20.
Rev your engines and get ready for some testing!

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